Hi!  I’m Kristin.  I could survive on dessert alone.   Unfortunately my husband, Jay, and teenage son, Jake, are not really into sweets (weird, right?).  But they make me laugh and they kill spiders, so they get to stay.  I spend my days lawyering it up at the office, and my early mornings, nights and weekends baking, reading and watching Jake’s various sporting events.  Baking is my therapy.   I’d say it’s cheaper than a therapist, but I’m not sure that’s true–eggs are expensive, yo!  I grew up in the kitchen baking with my dad.  I wanted to go to culinary school, but opted for law school instead (because they’re comparable…).  I learn by making mistakes and by googling the countless questions that keep me up at night (e.g., Can I make banana bread using frozen overripe bananas?  Google seems to think so, but the smelly gross banana mush on my counter proved otherwise).  I love taking pictures and am excited to learn more about photography and maybe one day get a “real” camera.  Ideas for things to bake come at me from all directions—suggestions(/demands) from family and friends, ideas that randomly pop in my head, drool-worthy internet searches and the tried-and-true cookbooks and family recipe binders gracing the shelves of my bookcase.  I’ll give almost anything a whirl, although I hate buying specialty ingredients that will end up in the garbage before they are empty (R.I.P buttermilk…).  Everything I make doesn’t always come out as planned, so be prepared for some tales of woe amidst the successes.  Oh, and one more thing:  I don’t use a stand mixer.  I don’t have the counter space for it and I never really wanted one.  I’m sure someday I’ll give in to the peer pressure, but for now my elbow grease and trusty electric hand mixer do the trick!

I’m excited to share my kitchen adventures with you, and hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I do!

If you have a question about a specific recipe, please ask it in the comments section on that recipe’s blog post.  For anything else, please feel free to contact me by email at SweetsBeforeEats@yahoo.com.

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